Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tell us the rest of the story!

The gospel account skips 30 years in the 33-year life of, arguably, the world’s most influential celebrity. Imagine the biography of any contemporary superstar—in music, sports, film, or politics—that omitted more than 90 percent of its subject’s life. Readers would demand, “Where’s the rest? What have you kept from us—and why have you not revealed it?” They would not rave that it is “the greatest story ever told;” on the contrary, they would demand a refund.

My new historical epic, The Bastard, does not wrestle with the gospel account of the three-year ministry of Jesus. Instead of rehashing what has been proclaimed, it offers a vivid take on all that was left out. 

The Bastard will be available on Amazon and all e-book outlets on Monday, October 15.

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