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Bragging Rights, Part 2

Reader reviews of Ember from the Sun copied from

  • REALITY IN FICTION: Ember From The Sun is one of those stories you get caught up in. The atmosphere was so authentic I felt like I lived right there. I was amazed to later learn that Mr. Canter had never actually been to the great northwest. The premise is unique and intriguing and so well written I had no trouble suspending my belief. It's hardly even science fiction these days to think of implanting an embryo frozen for thousands of years. I totally bought his story of a modern day Neanderthal. It was such fun to discover Ember's history, her mystical family tree and be moved by the drama and ultimate showdown. This novel was a delightful surprise. Couldn't put it down.

  • GRABBED ME ON THE FIRST PAGE AND DIDN’T LET GO: I went to a book-signing with a friend, felt guilty about not buying a copy because the author was so nice, bought the book, went home, opened it up and didn't put it down until the wee hours of the morning. I lent it to my son's girlfriend the following day, she opened it, began to read, and finished it up about 2:00 a.m. The storyline grabs you at the very first page and soon you become so enthralled in the plot that you can't put it down. You are sure that you will hit a slow spot, but that spot never comes. A definite "must read."
  • Love this book, I can't wait for somebody to snatch the movie right and make a blockbuster. It's got it all.
  • I thought this would be a great Thanksgiving long weekend read but--------I started it yesterday and could not put it down. I was blown away that this is Mark Canter's first novel. It grabbed me from the first few pages and held me till the end. Thank you Mark Canter for writing this magnificent book. It is now getting passed around my circle of friends and you can be sure we will be watching for your next book.
  • CAPTIVATING STORY: This was a great book. I am like some of the other reviewers, I like King and Rice, and can be easily let down. This book did not let me down. It was very entertaining, and I liked the blend of history and fiction. Would definitely read more of his novels.

  • EMBER STILL GLOWS: I first read Ember From the Sun about 6 years ago. Twice more I've reread it with pleasure. I have just finished it once again and it still holds a special place in the treasure section of my heart. Fantacy? Truth? Myth? I don't care. It's a good read.

  • SCIENCE AND MYSTICISM COMPLEMENT EACH OTHER: As a scientist and a mystic, I eye both warily when i read novels. I found the anthropology believeable and the mysticism--though slightly unique--enhanced the humanity of this novel about a barely human protagonist. Liking and relating Amber is easy, and understanding her genetic make-up follows logic. Soon I forgot about the science though, and got lost in a story as sweet and gripping as any I have read. I typically read a book slowly, but this one prevented the lawn from getting mowed and the history papewrs from being graded as I read voraciously, engrossed in the people, the places, the anthropology, and the mystery.

  • FANTASTIC BOOK: I won't give away the story line but will say that this is a marvelous blend of adventure, mystery, science, prehistoric peoples and the lives of wonderful characters.

  • A CAMPER WHO PICKED UP YOUR BOOK: To Mr. Canter, this being your first novel, I have found it very good. I am a hard reader to please and this novel has kept me interested for the entire book. I have read the reviews after I read the book and tend to agree with some of them. This was too broad a subject to place between the pages of this novel. This subject could have been a trilogy. However, I totally disagree with the review of it being too much new age "voodoo". You have talent and promise. Write a sequel and give use hard pleasers something other to read than Ann Rice!

  • AN EXCELLENT BOOK: This book was a great book that let you experience the emotions that the character was going through. The book was an open book that could be taken from many different angles. The plot was interesting and kept you inside, it differed from other novels I have read in the past. The idea was so original and captivating it will leave you wanting for more.

  • ME HA ENCANTADO: Me cautibó ya al principioy como dijo otro de los que han dejado "constancia" no quise que terminara de hecho cuando llegaba a este no esperado final hacia pausas en mi lectura para que el final no llegase tan rapido, la verdad que la historia de Ember en cierta forma le identifica de una manera muy especial, porque cuando uno no se ha sentido algo "diferente" y haber refleccionado sobre el verdadero sentido de la propia "existencia", por otro lado el libro deja esa "querer" de que realmente exista esa Ember en la tundra nordica; me asombró que fuera la primera obra del autor ya que la vi tan "completa" que me resultó dificil creermelo, sin más sinceramente recomiendo éste libro ya que a parte de una preciosa historia lleva a la reflección y lleva a otros interesantes reflecciones y a otras lecturas que leyendolo despertaran en uno....;)

  • EXCELLENT FIRST NOVEL. Mr. Canter does an excellent job of holding your attention. He tells a superbly plotted story in a great way. His characters are, for the most part, well drawn and real. My only criticism in that regard is that I didn't get to see enough of them once I got to know them well. The story is good. It is told crisply, and I came to know the characters well. His descriptions placed me with precision in the scene where he wanted me. So, why do I feel there is something missing? I have given this question some thought. I think Mr. Canter tried to tell too big a story in too small a book. He should have taken more pages to develop the story a bit more depth. He should have kept me more in touch with his characters as they fade in and out of the plot. I lost track of Yute and his sister. I lost track of Ember's "mother and father." ALL OF WHICH IS NOT TO SAY THAT THIS IS NOT A GOOD - VERY GOOD - BOOK. Well worth the time and money. I highly recommend it. I look forward to Mr. Canter's next book and hope that he is able to overcome what I perceive is a tendency to create really good characters, only to set them aside and forget them for too long. As a reader, I would hope he can keep all his extremely well-crafted characters, especially those I come to like and/or am interested in, involved throughout the story.

  • A TOUCHING STORY: A wonderfully written novel, both in historic content and the connection between past and present. The reader enjoys the excitement of Yute's discovery of the lady frozen in ice for millions of years. Excitement is not enough, however, to control destiny, or the future of Ember, the child born to a mother she would never know. As Yute struggles to protect and study Ember and her life, Ember struggles to find a fit for herself, a fit where her talents are respected and her differences are understood. The book takes the reader to new heights of understanding what Ember feels to be different. It sparks the age old question of tampering with knowledge and abilities we have today, and the effect this knowledge might have on reaching into the past to find answers. Was Yute doing the right thing? For the development of the future, or the demise of the past? This book seems to answer the question correctly, perhaps as the "Listeners" knew, it might be best not to be discovered at all rather than to discover without understanding. Consider the link between the past and the present, then consider the emotion. Truely an excellent, and reflective book.

  • AN INCREDIBLY FAST, HYPNOTIC, HAUNTING AND PLAUSIBLE READ: For a first Novel, Mark Canter has reached into the depths of the human (and even more miraculously) the female psyche...and created vividly and credibly..a human being born 25,000 years out of time...and made her rich with the gifts of intuition and caring...and subject to all the human emotions. You care deeply about Ember...and the problems related to *not quite fitting in*. Her sense of caring and responsibility make her journey all the more poignant. The love of her family comes through loud and clear and with truth. If you have any question about whether to read this book....I can simply say....READ IT!!

  • GOOD TALE, DOESN’T LET YOU DOWN: This book was my kind of sience fiction! It was believable, but intriguing and kept my attention throughout. Sometimes these kinds of books let you down at the end, but this one was true to it's story and I loved the ending. Amazing first book!

  • FASCINATING! I HATED TO BE FINISHED: I couldn't put this book down. For a first novel, Canter was brillant. I was captivated by the first two lines of the cover description and purchased it immediately. The tale is one of our own beginnings. It will be compared to Jean Auel's sage except that this Neadrathal has been brought to our time. Ember is born from a 25,000 year old embroyo that was preserved in her mother's womb to be found and implanted today. She grows up dealing with the cruelty of youth, being different looking and having strange dreams and visions. Upon trying to discover her history, she leads us on a wild ride through the Pacific Northwest and up to the tundra lands. I don't want to give anything away that would take from the pleasure of this book. Read it today!
  • AWESOME. COURAGEOUS HANDLING OF DIFFICULT EMOTIONS: This is a gripping novel that manages to constantly and generally truly believably confront very difficult emotional situations. Motherhood. Rape. Kidnapping. Greed. Clash of cultures and values. Violent discrimination. Sexual unfaithfulness... All with very human, very believable characters. A wild ride. I cried some tears at times reading this book. And felt for all the characters. It is seductive in that it appears as a light read and then tears your heart.

More reader reviews of Ember from the Sun copied from the Internet:

from Good Reads

  • A really good story that has stayed in my mind; a wonderfully imaginative story.
  • Full of that magical, awesome marriage of science and art.
  • The premise is awesome and I still think about it some 10 years later.
  • Listened to this book driving to San Francisco. It was amazing! Made the time just fly.
  • This story is so fantastically utter fiction---and so wonderfully beautiful!

From Paperback Swap

  • This is not normally the type of book that I read. I didn't think I would enjoy it; instead I fell in love with it! I was glued to it from start to finish.
  • I don't usually do any reviews on books, but this one was just one of those that I could hardly put down. I loved it! It's well written, and keeps you turning the pages!
  • Good. Creative. Keeps you wanting more.
  • A modern day Jurassic Park in human DNA terms. Quite believable.
  • Very different book filled with intrigue, scientific theories and suspense. I was recommended this book by a friend. I loved every minute of this book, it’s different. You will love this if you love suspense!
  • Stunning concept!
  • Very good story.
  • A very unique and interesting story.

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